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In the Charlotte real estate business since 1996, with our own brokerage since 2003, property management was added after the financial crisis of 2008 and at the request of some long time clients with investment property.

We specialize in residential homes, whether the landlord owned the rental by design or became an accidental landlord due to job moves, needs changing and needing to save the equity.  Instead of forfeiting their equity, we helped them preserve it and in some cases, grow it.

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A few of our landlords have successfully sold, earning back their equity and timing it so not to be taxed for capital gains.  Some have expanded their portfolio, which we can also assist in doing via our Return on Investment analysis and market expertise.


We help to screen tenants and build a strong relationship with those tenant.  Our clients are our landlords, our customers are our tenants and we like to have a healthy relationship with both. We also have strong vendor relations, allowing to be able to quickly address repairs and improvements.


Charlotte is a prime landlord market where buying right is key and getting cash flow from a properly managed rental can happen while building the all important financial nest egg real estate can successfully be.


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